A Social Travel Experience: 

Make a Child's Dream Come True
and Leave a Lasting Impression on their Life

The Sueños y Huellas Foundation created the Transformation Project, a social impact travel experience program. Volunteers get to know Colombia and live in the heart of Medellín in a new, better way.

Social Impact, Cultural Exchange, and Genuine Connections in Medellin - Colombia  

Become a travel-volunteer to get involved in the culture of Antioquia, make a difference, and learn with the local community.

Our approach

We provide social travel experiences for foreigners through an immersive volunteering program. You will learn about the different realities of Colombian life while effecting change that directly contributes to vulnerable local communities' welfare and bringing the world to their classroom.

As a foreign volunteer, you will develop an intimate connection with the vibrant, inspiring city of Medellín and its culture, folklore, and food while participating in social impact activities that support at-risk children and families in poverty, indigenous communities, and vulnerable young women. With Sueños y Huellas, you can be a part of the transformation that has made Medellín the world's most innovate city. 

 Travel with  CONNECTION

Get to know more about the work we are doing with
communities in-need while

raising awareness through social tourism &
making a meaningful local impact. 

(Keeping Families Together)

(Lend a Helping Hand)

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Medellin - Colombia