Our programs

Families Together

This project works with children who live in deplorable conditions (inquilinatos), or who have been desplaced due to violence and poverty.

Our program protects the children from risky neighborhoods and provides daily meals. In addition we give educational bases for school development and during the process we partner with their parents to empower and develop better skills of parenting, education and work so they can provide for their families in the future.

Families lives in shared accommodations, where a small room becomes the only place where a family cooks, does the laundry, sleeps, eats, plays, and does chores.

The most deplorable housing conditions are located in the downtown area of Medellin. Accommodations are from two to ten people in each room and have ventilation, sanitation and overcrowding problems. Conditions are so poor that they can not pass government inspection and are therefore illegal housing. People still use them because the alternative is to live on the street.

"Lend a helping hand"

"Una mano en el camino" Project works with women who have been abused and are at risk of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, mistreatment, abandonment and extreme poverty.

They all have been through a rehabilitation process and are prepared to start a different lifestyle, we go along with them and provide additional help to succeed because they are alone or are still with the same relatives that induce into risk.

In addition, they do not know how to survive and are in danger. We give them hope with the project, and we help the young women to fulfill their dreams, continue with their studies, work for the first time, heal their personal hurts, improve their relationship with their families and prepare them to live on their own. We give them the opportunity to change, one step at a time.

"Embera Bead Project"

Fighting Poverty one Bead at a Time

The Embera Bead Project works with Embera indigenous in Medellin, Colombia. A large number of Embera people have fled their villages because of violence from armed groups and are living as internally displaced persons throughout the city of Medellin.

This project seeks to break this cycle of poverty by providing jewelry workshops where the Embera can make a fair wage for their art and attend development classes where they can learn new skills to increase their quality of life.

We are currently searching for a dedicated space where we can start childcare and offer more extended educational programs.