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Hear from our most recent volunteers about their experience volunteering with Sueños y Huellas. Reach out to us to hear more about their experiences or to speak with past volunteers directly!

Josh, 19, UK

"I have been travelling and volunteering around South America for 4 months now, and nothing has been as fun and meaningful as my time with Sueños y Huellas. Two weeks has not been enough time, and I can't wait to return here soon."

August 2023

Valentina, 20, Colombia

"Volunteering is a unique and rewarding experience. I like being able to help the children and be a part of something that leaves a real impact on their lives. They are very special and I would love to come back."

August 2023

Marco, 23, Belgium

"My first volunteering experience couldn't have been with a better organisation. I recognise all the hard and precious work that Sueños y Huellas do everyday, and I hope to be able to help them in the future someway somehow. I also noticed a massive improvement in my Spanish speaking!"

July - August 2023

Jenna, 22, USA

"My six weeks with Sueños y Huellas have been so important to my life. I loved spending time with the kids and helping the organization with everything they need to function well, like redesigning the website. I got to further develop my skills while doing something really important."

July - August 2023

Daphne, 30, Singapore


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