Social Impact Activities

Social Impact Activities

Child Care and Teacher's Assistant

Spend your day with the kids and their teachers planning lessons, teaching your language, and tutoring while guiding before- and after-school activities.

Artisan's Assistant 

Learn from and assist indigenous women in their artisanship. Support the planning and execution of craft workshops, visit women in their homes to check-in on them and address their needs, and help lead life skills and career training for women and their families.

English Tutor

Provide private English lessons to youth in poor neighborhoods to improve their performance in school and expand their future opportunities.

Parental Training

Deliver food packages to families in our safehouses and check-in on families' needs, in-home providing support and training as needed. 

Outreach on the Streets

Join a small group of organization volunteers to walk around a neighborhood and support unhoused individuals. Provide food, self-care and personal hygiene products and workshops, and invitations to professional skill-development workshops. 

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