Volunteer Experience Programs

Who are we looking for?

Sueños y Huellas eagerly awaits the arrival of international volunteers like you, who are driven by an unyielding passion for meaningful social change and an unwavering commitment to the welfare of children. We are not just looking for volunteers; we're seeking innovators, thinkers, and dedicated individuals ready to join hands with us in our transformative projects. All are welcome, no matter your skills or background, as we believe in harnessing the unique talents and ideas that each person can offer.

While we have specific needs in the areas of English teaching and/or tutoring, child care, photography and videography, social media management, web design and maintenance, carpentry and other crafts, the visual and performance arts, and cooking, we're more than ready to tailor our volunteer program to align with your strengths and interests. Do you have a knack for creative thinking? Can you inspire young minds with art or music? Do you have culinary talents to share or technical skills that could bring fresh perspectives to our programs? Your individuality and innovation are not only welcome but actively celebrated here.

Language is no barrier either, as a command of either English or Spanish is all that's required to communicate and connect with our community. What truly matters to us is your deep passion for creating positive change and a readiness to immerse yourself in our mission. We have seen firsthand how the right blend of enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication can change lives, and we're excited about the possibility of you joining our team.

Join us in this inspiring and fulfilling journey, where your unique contributions will not only foster growth and improvement within our organization but also fuel the dreams and aspirations of the children we serve. Together, we can build bridges, break barriers, and create a lasting impact that resonates throughout the community. We're more than ready to welcome you, your ideas, and your heart into our family, and we can't wait to see how your energy and innovation will spark the next phase of our exciting endeavor. Let's make a difference together!

Our Volunteer Experience Plans

The Basic Plan
Two Weeks

The Dynamic Plan
Four Weeks (One Month)

The Premium Plan
Twelve Weeks (Three Months)

Volunteer Experience Plans are designed to give you a structured and meaningful immersion into the work that we at Sueños y Huellas do with the communities we serve. If you would like to stay for more time, less time, or a different interval of time, we will welcome you! Please reach out to our team and we will create a customized volunteering plan just for you. 

We ask for a monetary contribution from our volunteers in order to cover the cost of providing accommodation, three meals a day, and a variety of interesting cultural and touristic experiences over the course of your stay. This ensures that the limited resources that we have as an organization all go to those who are most in-need: the children, families, and young women we serve. Thank you for your support and commitment to this cause. 

Where do we host you?

A Traditional Antioquian House  

A Colonial d´Epoque with high ceilings, large park-facing windows, and plentiful natural light on the second floor in the beautiful Barrio Boston. 

The house offers four bedrooms (shared and private), three bathrooms, and a well-stocked kitchen with traditional foods. Enjoy communal living with locals and volunteers alike. 

Take a video tour of the volunteer house and get a taste of the volunteer life.


What will I be doing?

Your role is flexible. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own skills, interests, and passions to this role, and we will create a volunteer experience around this. We are always looking for help with English teaching for our young children (6-12 years old) and general classroom support, but there are many other roles for volunteers to fill! Do you have technological skills? We would love your support in running and improving our website and outreach! Are you a photographer or videographer, no matter your level? We are always looking to improve the content we have available to our community and its supporters. Do you love to cook, or do you want to learn how to cook authentic Colombian food? Come join our lovely kitchen staff and ensure that children and families get proper nutrition everyday while improving your skills. Past volunteers have served as classroom aides, English teachers and tutors, photographers, technical support personnel, general maintenance personnel, and kitchen assistants among many other posts! Bring your ideas to your interview and we will embrace your creativity and passion.

Do I need a Visa?

You only need a tourist visa to volunteer with us! Citizens of many countries, including the USA, all of Europe (except Belarus), the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, all Caribbean & South American countries, Singapore, South Korea, and many more, do not need a visa to enter Colombia. Find out here if you need one or not. If you do, you can easily apply for an e-visa on this same website.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

Volunteers are not required to speak Spanish! A command of either English or Spanish (or both!) is all that is required. You will have the opportunity to learn Spanish through classes and immersion during your experience and/or practice the Spanish you do have. Nevertheless, a basic command of the language can make your experience in and out of the classroom easier. Past volunteers have had meaningful and memorable experiences with language levels ranging from absolute beginner to native speaker!

We welcome speakers of all languages to come and engage in cultural and linguistic exchange. Do you speak French, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, or another language? Bring the world to our children's classroom and host a language class or a course about your culture! All are welcome, no matter their language, background, country of origin, religion, or other identity. 

Who will I be living and working with?

Our home hosts the international volunteers joining us for their period of volunteering alongside locals working with our organization when relevant. It is a space for building relationships, engaging in cultural exchange, and creating a home-away-from-home. At the organization, you will be working alongside our amazing staff team who manage everything that our organization does, from teaching to psychological counseling to preparing healthy, nutritious meals, as well as the other international volunteers who are executing their project. Depending on your interests, skills, and desires, you could work with young children just beginning their education, older children preparing for secondary education, young women who are seeking educational and work opportunities, children's family members, and/or our staff team and partner organizations. During your interviews we will discuss what your volunteering experience will look like. 

What can I do outside of volunteering?

Medellín is the second-largest city in Colombia and was voted the most innovative city in the world in 2013! It is Colombia's cultural capital, with the international Reggaeton music industry based here (Medellín produced world-famous artists such as J Balvin, Maluma, KAROL G, Juanes, Sebastian Yatra, and many, many more!), and has used art to transform itself and give opportunities and alternatives to its young population. Street art, dance, and music is everywhere to be found in this vibrant city. 

It is also home to some renowned museums such as the Museum of Antioquia, which hosts an impressive exhibit on Fernando Botero, who is from Medellín, the Medellín Modern Art Museum, and numerous museums and memorials dedicated to the victims and legacy of the infamous Medellín Cartel, including La Casa de Memoria (The Memory House Museum), located just blocks from our volunteers' house. 

Medellín's delightful culinary scene, with delectable food to be found from the carts of street vendors to the Michelin-starred restaurants that dot the city, is sure to delight the taste buds while the prevalent art, music, and dance is sure to delight the rest of the senses. Conveniently located at the heart of Antioquia, Medellín is also a traveller's dream: multiple world-class tourism destinations can be found both within the city itself and within 1-3 hours of the city. Public buses run frequently and are easily accessible to a traveller, even those with limited Spanish. We can assist our volunteers with transport to their destinations of choice to allow them to explore our beautiful city and country in addition to what we already offer our volunteers.

Check out what cultural enrichment you can access as a part of your experience here, what tours we offer you here, or this blog to see what else Medellín has to offer!

If I have questions or concerns, who should I contact?

Scroll to the bottom of this page and select the method of contact that you prefer! You can also click HERE to be directed immediately to our WhatsApp. Our team will get back to you ASAP. 

I'm ready! How do I get started?

Fill out our prospective volunteer form! Scroll to the bottom of this page, navigate to the "Get Involved" Menu section, or click HERE to start. We can't wait to hear from you and meet you soon. 

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